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New: Hydrus Watercolours - 15% Off

Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor is a liquid, lightfast and transparent watercolor. The Hydrus liquid watercolours deliver the same brilliance and permanency as traditional tube watercolors but in a convenient liquid form.

Introductory special is for sets which are available now. Singles will be available in January.

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$25 Off Schmincke Colours of Spring Set

Premium Watercolours

Special edition set of 12 Half Pans representing the colours of Spring in a metal travel case. Schmincke Horadam Aquarell is acknowledged as a premium watercolour. Schmincke are renowned for the intensity of colour they achieve and their watercolours certainly have great strength and clarity of colour which can make lesser watercolours look somewhat dull.

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$70 Off Sennelier Luxury Walnut Box Set

A beautiful walnut box containing 12 10ml watercolour tubes and a porcelin palette. A set to treasure and a wonderful gift. Limited stock available.

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15% Off Raphael Sable Brushes

One of the most popular brushes used by illustrators and watercolourists the world over. Pure Kolinsky sable with incomparable elasticity, spring and vigour. Gloss black short handle with a nickel ferrule.

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$150.00 Off Sennelier Set of 48 Half Pans

Sennelier l'Aquarelle is a honey based watercolour which is luminous, brilliant and intense. The addition of honey also makes it a very smooth paint to work with. Another advantage of the addition of honey is that the paint stays wet longer on the palette and makes it easier to reconstitute if it has dried.

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15% Off Magnani Annigoni Pads

Annigoni is a unique paper being specifically created by the Magnani mill in the 1950s for the Italian painter Pietro Annigoni who is best known for his painting of Queen Elizabeth II in 1956. Pietro Annigoni particularly used the paper for his portrait work. The paper is still made the same way today on a cylinder mould machine using the receipe perfected by the Magnani papermakers and Maestro Annigoni.

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20% Off Daniel Smith 5ml Tube Sets

The special covers all of the 5ml Tubes sets. The Daniel Smith watercolour range contains many colours which are unique as well as the traditional colours which artists have come to rely on. There are over 250 colours in the range making it the largest collection available to artists.

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New: Bombay Inks - 15% Off

These special lightfast Indian Inks flow freely, hold a line without spreading and are waterproof when dry. They will adhere properly to almost all surfaces and can be used with brushes, fountain pens, dip pens and airbrush. White and black are opaque with excellent covering power whilst the other colours have a brilliant transparency.

Sets are available now. Singles will be available in January.

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15% Off Mussini Oil 35ml Tubes

Schmincke Mussini Resin Oils are unique throuhout the world. Their special qualitites stem from the adoption of the old masters approach of combining natural resin with selected oils. This approach, together with high concentrations of single pigments produce oil colours with the utmost brilliance and purity.

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15% Off Golden Fluid Principal Set

Golden fluid paints are highly pigmented permanent acrylic colours which provide the advantage of allowing you to use a thin paint which offers fine dispersion, very intense colour, flexibility and good adhesion. No more watering down heavy body paints with the resulting washed out colour and weakened paint film.

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15% Off FW Ink Sets

Three sets are available including Primary Colours, Shimmering Colours and Pearlescent colours.

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$25 Off Schmincke Norma Oil Set of 8 35ml tubes

Norma Professional Oil Colours consist of an environmentally friendly selection of 84 brilliant modern and traditional colours including 27 high-quality transparent and unique special colours. This introductory set provides a great way to experience the oils.

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15% Off Ampersand Scratchbord

Scratchbord is a clayboard panel that has been coated with India ink. Comparable to traditional paper scratchboard, except better it is more durable and easier to scratch into for cleaner and crisper details and lines. For added dimension, colored inks can be added to the white areas and then scratched again for additional highlights and volume. Artwork can be finished with a non-yellowing spray varnish to allow framing without glass.

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15% Off Schmincke Acryl Bronzes

Schmincke Acryl Bronzes are genuine metallic acrylic paints made using real metal. They are very lightfast, more opaque and more brilliant than other metallic effect colours. They come ready to use from the bottle and can be diluted with water if required. There are five colours in the range which are rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, copper and silver.

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Pastel Specials

Schmincke Super Special - Set of 11 in a Tin Only $44.95

15% Off Schmincke Wooden Box Set of 100

22 New Release Rembrandt Half Stick Sets

15% Off Blue Earth Pastel Sets

20% Off Girault Pastel Sets

The Big Pan Pastel Sale

$300 Off Art Spectrum Extra Soft Wooden Box Set of 180

15% Off Derwent Pastel Pencil Sets

20% Off Pastel Premier Paper

15% Off Sennelier Black Box Set of 120 Half Sticks

20% Off Wooden Box Sets of Art Spectrum Soft Pastels

10% Off Sennelier Singles






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