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Golden Acrylics Sale

20% Off Heavy Body, Fluid and High Flow

Strictly whilst stocks last. Special includes Heavy Body, Fluid and High Flow.

20% Off FW Ink Sets

Sale includes sets of the Artists Ink, Shimmering Colours and Pearlescent Colours.

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10% Off Schmincke PrimAcryl Heavy Body Acrylic

Primacryl is a premium acrylic colour using modern pigments in exceptionally high concentration. Primacryl gives colours a new dimension of brilliance and expressiveness. Of note, the titanium white is unparalleled in opacity and coverage giving incredibly brilliant mixtures. Due to the extremely high solid content of Primacryl, elastic and contour-stable drying is guaranteed and the the dried paint layers are durable, flexible and water-resistant.

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20% Off Clairfontaine Bristol Board Pads

Beautiful Ultra Flat French Bristol Board. Both A3 and A4 pads are available.

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15% Off Fabriano Artists Journals

An ideal journal for artists. Each journal has 192 pages of white and cream Ingres drawing paper. This lovely paper is suitable for ink, pencil, or pastels. The journals are mouldmade, acid-free, and lightfast.

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10% Off Single Sennelier Inks

These inks are beautiful to use. They are manufactured with shellac gum giving a unique brilliance and sheen which is quite different to their acrylic based alternatives. They can be applied with a brush or dip pen and give a satin to brilliant film depending on thickness. They dry rapidly and display a high degree of water resistance without being indelible.

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50% Off Holbein Quality Gesso
Coloured, White and Textured Gessos

Holbein Coloured Gesso is thick and creamy, offering superb coverage and great opacity. It is made with high chroma, lightfast pigments and can be used as a successful ground or as a painting medium on its own. It can be used as a traditional underpainting on all surfaces, including paper, cloth, canvases, wood, stone, and primed metal. The Gesso can be mixed with any acrylic paint or medium and finishes to a matte surface. It may be overpainted with water-based or oil-based colors or pastels. Available in a full spectrum of beautiful colors.

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25% Off Maimeri Blu Watercolours

Special includes Tubes and Pans. Maimeri Blu features an absolute purity of pigments that, together with gum arabic from Kordofan in the Sudan region, comprise the totality of the mixture. No blending powder, no additives, no fillers. Pure colours, nothing else. It is a watercolour that lets the artist's skill shine.

Tubes  |  Pans

20% Off Stonehenge Aqua Watercolour Paper

Special includes both pads and sheets. Stonehenge Aqua accepts multiple layers of colour in a controllable manner and watercolors can be easily manipulated without drying out. Blending is effortless, lifting is no longer a chore, and it welcomes masking. It is also a paper that starts flat and dries flat.
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Yupo Paper Now Available

Yupo is a synthetic polypropylene paper made in the USA. It is bright white, extremely smooth, non-porous, stain resistant and extremely strong and durable paper. The paper remains perfectly flat, eliminating the need for soaking, stretching, or taping. Pigments applied to the Bright White sheet display their true clarity and brilliance. Yupo is definitely different. You need to adapt your approach to it. Watercolour is extremely easy to lift off Yupo paper, to the extent that you can wipe the sheet completey clean if you wish. You can also rework areas over and over again and build up paint layers easily. To protect a finished work simply spray the painting with a matte or gloss varnish.
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10% Off Fabriano Watercolour Blocks

A classic white paper used by artists for centuries. Artistico papers are luxurious yet durable and can handle lifting and scraping without compromising their integrity. Papers are synthetically sized both internally and externally so that no animal by-products are used. Fabrianos Artistico papers are mould-made of 100% cotton and are acid free, pH neutral and chlorine-free.

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10% Off Isabey Dagger Brushes

The Isabey Series 6715 Petite-Gris Dagger brushes are made from Kazan Squirrel. The angled dagger shape provides the ability to create long fine lines and details with the point whilst making much broader marks with the angled side. This brush is also referred to as a Cutting Quill in reference to the ability to cut in colour with great control.

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$20 Off Veneto 30x40cm Watercolour Block
Now Only $34.95

Veneto watercolour paper is 325 gsm, natural white, acid free and age resistant. The front side of the paper has the structure and charm as well as the flow behaviour of high quality mould-made papers, it has a medium rough surface. The reverse side has a matt structure (medium fine) which also offers very interesting painting effects. You can use both sides of the paper.
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Pastel Specials

15% Off Blue Earth Sets

20% Off Single Bruynzeel Pastel Pastels

15% Off Sennelier Black Box Set of 120 Half Sticks

Unison Singles 15% Off

10% Off Colourfix Paper






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