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Did you know that Adamstown Art has the most extensive range of watercolours in Australia. Lots to choose from.

Turner first introduced their watercolours in 1947. Quality stands the test of time.

William Mitchell has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.
The authentic choice.

Leonard has been making artist brushes in France since 1715. Experience counts.

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Artists seek out Adamstown Art for their dependability, good prices, friendly advice and quality range of fine art materials. Learn more about Adamstown Art.


20% Off Sennelier Watercolour Sets

Sennelier l'Aquarelle Watercolour sets are available for half pans and tubes in both metal cases and wooden boxes. Sennelier l'Aquarelle is a honey based watercolour which is luminous, brilliant and intense. A traditionally made watercolour tailored to the needs to the modern artist.

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10 New Colours from Rosa

Rosa have released 10 new colours which are now available in tubes and pans. The colours are; Azo Yellow, Cadmium Orange Medium, Pyrrole Red, Cadmium Red Deep, Carbon Red, Azure Blue, Ultramarine Spectral, Cobalt Green Medium and Idanthrene Grey.

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15% Off Holbein 15ml Tubes

Chosen for their vivid, brilliant colour, easy lifting and exceptional control Holbein watercolours are world class. The pigment in Holbein watercolours is ground very finely and no oxgall is added to the paint leading to increased brilliance and the exceptional handling qualities.

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New: Clairfontaine Bamboo Watercolour Paper

This warm white watercolour paper has a light, soft grain and is made from 100% bamboo fibre. The paper is double sized with a natural plant based solution making it suitable for all wet media techniques. A 100% vegan, sustainable paper. It is made by the Dutch Schut Mill which has been making papers since 1618.

Available in pads, journals and sheets.

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20% Off Kusakabe Professional Sets

There is a range of sets containing between 12 and 54 colours, in 5ml tubes. The professional watercolour range has excellent brilliance of colour and transparency and is well behaved on the paper. The paints are also environmentally and people friendly. Many high performance organic pigments are used instead of pigments such as cadmium and cobalt.

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New: Haze and Urban Super Granulation Watercolours

Schmincke have added the Haze and Urban series of watercolours to their Super Granulation range. Schmincke Super Granulation watercolours provide intense granulation and colour separation, giving wonderful effects that you can use to enhance your paintings.

Available in sets, 5ml & 15ml tubes as well as half pans.

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15% Off Leonard Tibetan Goat Hair Mop Brushes

The goat hair mop brushes make excellent wash brushes as they retain and release water very smoothly due to their softness. The tips of the brushes is very fine allowing detailed work, even with the larger brushes. Leonard have been handcrafting artists' brushes in Saint-Brieuc, France since 1779. The synthesis of tradition, knowledge and modern methods produces brushes of the highest quality.

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15% Off Amatruda Blocks

The Amatruda Acquerello Blocks contain 10 sheets of 340gsm pure cotton handmade watercolour paper. Each sheet is glued on 4 sides with one corner left open so you can easily remove the top sheet when you have finished painting. The paper is suitable for all watercolour techniques and also very good with art inks. The paper has a natural rough grain similar to many Cold Press papers.

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20% Off Sennelier Encre 30ml Bottles

These inks are beautiful to use. They are manufactured with shellac gum giving a unique brilliance and sheen which is quite different to their acrylic based alternatives. They can be applied with a brush or dip pen and give a satin to brilliant film depending on thickness. They dry rapidly and display a high degree of water resistance without being indelible.

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15% Off Schmincke Indian Ink 1912

This lightfast ink is intensely deep black, waterproof and document-proof. It can be used for drawing, painting and writing with nibs and brushes. The ink is based on a Schmincke receipe from 1912, hence the name. The ink uses shellac as the binder which gives the ink a silky sheen.

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15% Off TECH Drawing Inks, 29.5ml Bottles

A transparent, lightfast and archival ink designed specifically for use with technical pens, calligraphy pens, and drawing pens which also works extremely well with brushes and airbrushes. The ink is acid free and waterproof when dry. Ideal for design and illustration as well as artistic endeavours.

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Pastel Specials

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15% Off Schmincke Half Stick Set of 120

15% Off Rembrandt Sets of 30

15% Off Gondola Sets

20% Off Sennelier Oil Pastel Set of 120

20% Off Kirsty Rebecca General Realism Set

15% Off Sennelier Pastel Card Sheets

10% Off Sennelier Singles

25% 15% Off Mi-Teintes Touch Pads

Best Price for Unison Pastels

The Big Pan Pastel Sale

25% Off Colourfix Smooth


15% Off Renesans Oil Solid - 40ml Sticks

Renesans Oil Solid are handmade oil sticks based on linseed oil, natural waxes and high-quality artistic dry pigments. The oil sticks are solvent free.

Their soft texture and consistency is inspiring and opens up artistic possibilities. They can be applied directly, with a palette knife, or with a brush. For brush work you can thin Oil Solid with linseed oil or any medium and mineral solvent. The blender is especially useful when mixing with regular oils.

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15% Off Norma Blue Oils, 35ml Tubes

Norma Blue are water mixable oil paints. They can be painted and cleaned with water instead of solvent. They are also low odour and allergy friendly as no preservatives are used.

The oils have a buttery consistency, mix extremely well with water and are reflective of the regular professional Norma Oils. All of the oils have either excellent or good lightfastness and the range includes the special transparent colours Schmincke are renowned for.

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New: Renesans Watersoluable Hydr-Oil

Hydr-Oil is compatible with both oil and water.
- Use with Acrylics, Aqyla, Oils, Watersoluable Oils & Gouache.
- Use oil mediums, Hydr-Oil mediums and acrylic gels and pastes.
- Thin with water and wash up with soapy water.

Hydr-Oils are genuine oil paints with intense colour, thick texture and excellent lightfastness. They have all the advantages of regular oils and none of the disadvantages. Their unique properties also means you don't need to use solvents, you can just open the tap.

Very Avant-Garde.

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20% Off Golden So Flat Sets

Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylic creates a smooth, durable surface, without the destraction of texture and glare. The paint has exceptional coverage, flows consistently and has a levelling capability as it dries which minimizes the appearance of brushstrokes. The unique formulation of SoFlat provides greater opacity for transparent pigments ensuring the Gouache like appearance of the paint is greater than that normally found in acrylic paints.

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35% Off Primacryl 35ml Tubes

Primacryl is a premium acrylic colour using modern pigments in exceptionally high concentration. Primacryl gives colours a new dimension of brilliance and expressiveness. All colours in the range are rated four or five stars for lightfastness ensuring the quality expected of Schmincke paints.

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15% off Monteverde Impressa Fountain Pens

The Impressa fountain pen has a sleek modern design with a cap that transitions from a perfect square end to the rounded shape of the pen. The pen feels substantial in the hand and posesses a responsive grip area. The pen comes with an ink convertor for bottle filling but can also be used with cartridges.

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15% off Flametree Sketchbooks

The Flametree hardcover sketchbooks contain 144 pages of heavy weight sketch paper (approx 200gsm). The paper is suitable for all dry techniques and light washes. The sketchbooks are 280mm x 216mm. Each sketchbook has a magnificent fine art cover.

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15% off Blue Island Press Notecards

Blue Island Press feature many Australian artists as well as archived artists from Museums and Galleries around the world. Blue Island Press own their own printing press so they can use the finest art papers available for their products. Each pack usually contains 6 cards and envelopes with either two, three or six different designs.

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20% Off William Mitchell Calligraphy Ink

Acrylic based calligraphy and drawing ink suitable for dip pen nibs and brush. Eight vibrant colours are available in 30ml bottles. The ink has good flow for calligraphy and is easily controllable on paper.

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15% Off Speedball Sets

Speedball have been manufacturing nibs since 1899 and have nibs for calligraphy and art. The range includes both broad edge nibs and pointed nibs for drawing and writing.

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20% Off William Mitchell Calligraphy Marker Sets

The William Mitchell sets comprises three markers with nibs of 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0mm in either black, blue or sepia. The square nib makes them perfect for italic writing.

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15% Off Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache Tubes

The range consists of 12 colours of the finest artist quality. Especially developed for calligraphy, the colours are brilliant and largely opaque with a consistency that is ideal for calligraphy.

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20% Off Bruynzeel Watercolour Pencil Sets

These superior watercolour pencils have a highly pigmented 3.7 mm colour core which provides excellent colour transfer. The colour is completelty soluable in water and great results can be obtained by applying a damp brush to the desired areas in your drawings.

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