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William Mitchell has been designing and manufacturing exceptional calligraphy products for almost 200 years.
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Did you know that Adamstown Art has the most extensive range of watercolours in Australia. Lots to choose from.

Girault started making soft pastels in 1780. Still artisian made today.

Leonard has been making artist brushes in France since 1715. Experience counts.

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15% Off Sennelier Watercolour Sets

Sennelier l'Aquarelle Watercolour sets are available for half pans and tubes in both metal cases and wooden boxes. Sennelier l'Aquarelle is a honey based watercolour which is luminous, brilliant and intense. A traditionally made watercolour tailored to the needs to the modern artist.

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15% Off Two Rivers Pads and Blocks

The Two Rivers watercolour paper is quite unique. Being made by hand, with traditional techniques, its texture and receptivity to paint sets it apart from mass produced brands.

The pulp for the paper is made using both pure cotton and linen fibres. The paper is also internally and externally sized with gelatine and buffered with chalk to archival standard. You will find the paper excels with wet into wet work as the colour floats long enough for extensive working. The slow absorbency of colour also results in brighter and more vibrant paintings.

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20% Off QoR Set of 24 5ml Tubes

QoR offers incredibly smooth transitions with good flow and liveliness on the paper. The density and vividness of colour in QoR watercolours is most pronounced after drying. When dry QoR, with the unique Aquazol binder, provides greater resistance to embrittlement and cracking. You will notice that a little goes a long way with QoR.

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15% Off Kusakabe Harmonia Watercolour 10ml Tubes

Granulation and Separation

Kusakabe is one of Japans eminent artist colour manufacturers. Well known for their artist watercolours, they also make the exceptional Harmonia granulating and separating watercolours.

The very natural and beautiful Harmonia watercolours are created by mixing colours that, are often, at opposite ends of the spectrum. Rather than clashing, as you may expect, the colours blend and separate to create colour that is in harmony.

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30% Off Daniel Smith Sets of 6 Half Pans

There are 5 sets of six half pans to choose from. Each set has a travel case, 6 colours and 9 empty half pans so you can expand the set as needed.

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15% Off Gansai Tambi Sets

The Gansai Tambi Japanese watercolours are available in assorted sets of the standard colours as well as sets of additional effect colours. The watercolours are lightfast and non-toxic. The paints are very opaque when used like a gouache but increase in transparency as more water is added. Perfect for painting, sketching, illustration, sumi-e and western calligraphy. The pans are very large being 48mm x 28mm which allows you to use larger brushes straight from the pan.

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New: Fontaine Watercolour Postcard Journals

The Postcard journal is the ideal travel journal. Each journal has 24 sheets of Fontaine hot pressed 300gsm paper to paint on, and also includes postcards to tear out and post to family and friends. The journals have a canvas cover which can be painted on, allowing you to customise the journal to make it your own.

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20% Off Golden High Flow 30ml Bottles

Golden High Flow Acrylics are a very versitile ink like acrylic paint. You can use them with brushes, pens, refillable markers and airbrushes or just pour straight from the bottle. Many effects can be achieved from fine to broad strokes, staining, colour levelling, glazing, inking, lettering and traditional calligraphy.

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20% Off Renesans Flow Acrylic

Renesans Flow provides intensly vibrant colour in a thin consistency which can be easily brushed out. The resulting paint layer is exceptionally durable and flexible thanks to a technologically advanced acrylic emulsion and polyvinyl resin. This allows the paint to be used for muliple applications from tradiional painting to set designs, fabrics and interior decorative work. The range consists of 33 colours in 50ml and 110/125ml jars.

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15% Off Mussini Oils 35ml Tubes

Schmincke Mussini Resin Oils are unique throuhout the world. Their special qualitites stem from the adoption of the old masters approach of combining natural resin with selected oils. This approach, together with high concentrations of single pigments produce oil colours with the utmost brilliance and purity. Of special note with the Mussini range is the extensive range of transparent and semi-transparent glaze pigments.

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Pastel Specials

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15% Off Townsend Terrages Sets

20% Off Rembrandt Sets of 90 Full Sticks

10% Off Blue Earth Singles

15% Off Sennelier Oil Pastel Singles

25% Off Colourfix Smooth Pads

15% Off Kirsty Rebecca General Realism Set

15% Off Sennelier Sets of 30 Half Sticks

Best Price for Unison Pastels

10% Off Sennelier Pastel Card Sheets

20% Off Renesans Oil Pastel Sets

The Big Pan Pastel Sale


15% Off de Atramentis Document Inks

De Atramentis Document inks are waterproof inks that will flow through a fountain pen. The inks are well suited to both writing and sketching. There are 25 colours in the range which are intermixable, allowing you to create your own colours.

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20% Off Aqyla 20ml Tubes

A new type of artist paint

Aqyla is a water based alkyd resin paint which combines and enhances the benefits of both oil and water based paints to give you a totally immersive painting experience.

  • Use Aqyla by itself or in conjunction with Oils.
  • The surface dries in approximately 30 minutes. Quick but not rushed.
  • Multi surface - use paper, canvas, glass, porcelain, metal, cloth, plaster and some plastics.
  • Dilute with water. Wash up with soap & water.
  • Pleasant to use with low odour and no cadmium, lead or mercury used.

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15% Off Joseph Gillott Sets

Joseph Gillott drawing and mapping nibs are world renowned by Copperplate calligraphers for extra fine writing and by artists for drawing, sketching, mapping and cartooning.

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20% Off Spectralite Ink Sets

Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Private Collection Liquid Acrylics are the brilliant, lightfast, waterproof acrylics that flow like watercolour. Made with the finest ground pigments sourced from around the world Spectralite is excellent on paper or canvas and can also be used on board, wood or metal.

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Feature: Clairfontaine Journals

Nine Different Journal Types

We have an extensive range of Clairfontaine journals in stock including classic drawing journals, watercolour journals, the sought after Paint-On journals and accordian books for the urban sketcher. There are nine different typres of journals, all available in various sizes.

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15% Off Schmincke Aerocolor 28ml Bottles

Aero Color Professional are liquid, intensely coloured and highly lightfast acrylic inks. They can be used for acrylic painting, sketching, airbrushing and mixed-media techniques. They are suitable for application by brush, dip pens, technical pens, pouring and with an airbrush. Aero Color is water resistant when dry and dries with a satin finish. It also has excellent adhesion properties on a wide range of surfaces and excellent lightfastness ratings being either 4 or 5 star across the range.

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10% Off Monteverde Monza 3 Fountain Pens

The Monza 3 fountain pen system is perfect if you are looking to try different nib types and inks. Each Monza pen comes with three different nibs; fine, medium and omniflex. Each nib has its own front section and convertor.

The fountain pen itself is translucent, showing the inner workings. It is also light in the hand and very well suited to beginers or for every day writing. The Monza pen system comes in a reusable plastic box and also includes two standard ink cartridges.

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20% Off William Mitchell Calligraphy Inks

Acrylic based calligraphy and drawing ink suitable for dip pen nibs and brush. Eight vibrant colours are available in 30ml bottles. The ink has good flow for calligraphy and is easily controllable on paper.

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20% Off Amatruda Dancing Brush Pads

Amatruda Dancing Brush pads include thirty sheets of 200gsm handmade cotton paper with feathered edges. The 200gsm cotton paper is suitable for sketching, pen &ink, gouache and light watercolour. The paper is also fountain pen friendly. A feature of the pads is that the top of each page has been designed so that you can tear out a sheet and maintain the top feathered edge.

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New: Herbin Glass Pens

These beautiful glass pens from Herbin hold a lot of ink which allows you to write or sketch for a long time without needing to refill. The pens are avaialable in several colours.

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35% Off Leuctturm B5 Composition Journals

The softcover B5 Composition notebooks are 254x178mm and feature 123 numbered pages of 80gsm paper, two page markers, an index section and a gusseted pocket at the back.

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Feature: Clairfontaine Paint on Paper

Pads, Journals and Sheets

The Clairfontaine Paint On paper is an exceptional mixed media paper suitable for pencil, pen, ink, gouache, watercolour and acrylic. The paper is available in a range of colours, pads, journals and sheets. The paper is a heavyweight 250gsm and very strong. Of note is that the surface will take a lot of working and stands up to erasing and wet media.

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